Company TechniCad, Ltd. was established in 2013.

The main profile of our company is projection and realization of machine constructions. Our engineers have long year experiences in the field, and have excellent knowledge of CAx (PC driven) systems that increase the effectivity of their work. Our company places emphasis on satisfying customer’s demands in full scale, as well as on excellent quality of our products and services.

Our success leans on our flexibility and strict adherence to our quality standards.

  • References that talk for themselves

  • All in one place
  • Complex solutions
  • Guarantee
  • Unique CAD/CAM expertise
  • CNC highend application
  • Fast realization
  • Long-term partnership
  • We are creating value for you

Main activity of our company:

  • Projection and realization of special and unique prototypes. For beginning of a project, it is enough for you to have an idea, we will accomplish it
  • Using CAD (PC driven constructing) system, we are able to present a product even in the developmental stage and thus decreasing the expense of the developmental process
  • Using CAM (PC driven production) system, we are able to create a program for CNC machine tools
  • 300 m2 developing workshop + 800 m2 warehouse
  • 10 engineers working full time
  • CNC highend applications
  • fast growing number of partners
  • international customers from 8 EU countries
  • robust pipeline of orders
  • strong academic research and cooperation
  • strong industrial cooperation
  • 600 % growing income annually



Our mission is to help partners and customers, using our knowledge, to reduce their costs, to find comprehensive technical and industrial solutions for them and that they successfully adapt to industrial change 4.0.


Our mission is that our company become one of the most successful high tech, robotics, automatization and CAD/CAM company.


  • focus on the partner
  • reliability
  • high expertise
  • complex solutions

If we have managed to increase your interest, you can reach us on phone, email and also personally.